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At Pink Skips, we do our best to attend to the needs of every customer. To ensure that we can accomplish this, we always have a wide selection of skips available. They come in various sizes, are low cost, and can also be booked by the day. As the top business specialising in skip hire Trafford has, we make it a point not to disappoint.

Skip hire is one of the most convenient rubbish disposal methods you can use. However, something we like to remind everyone of is that there are limitations. What we mean by this is there are certain objects you are unable to place inside our skips. We have to prohibit these items due to health and safety concerns. They can also be potentially hazardous to the environment. As such, you should know the rules regarding what you can and can’t put in our skips before ordering one.

Are they hazardous?

Skip Hire TraffordNormally, those goods that don’t pose any threat have permission to go in the skip. Examples include wood, rubble, gas cookers, furniture, food and its packaging, empty tins, and cardboard. If there are articles you want to dispose of but they don’t show up on a list of accepted items, you should speak with us. We can tell you whether they are appropriate for the skip or not.

It’s important to know what items fall under the forbidden category as well. If we find any of them inside the skip, we could refuse to take it off your property. Electrical equipment and appliances are prime examples. This includes electric cookers, fridges, televisions, dishwashers, and computers.

Tyres can’t go inside either. There’s a fair amount of effort that goes into dealing with these products. What you should do instead is ask your tyre fitter or changer to handle them.

With fuel, paint, and solvents, the trouble is that they contain harmful chemicals. We lack the license and ability to dispose of them correctly. You must take these to a disposal centre that has the proper license. Dried paint residue is fine for the skip however since it is not dangerous.

The right skip hire service for you

If you would like to know more about our service, you’re welcome to contact our customer service team. You can ask them questions about what you can put in a skip, deliveries, prices, and much more. When you choose us we ensure you get the very best skip hire Trafford can provide.

Call us today at 0161 224 4222 or send an email to [email protected]. We will do all we can to get you the right solution for your waste.

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